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Andrew Pilimai Tulua

At a glance there isn’t much a passerby would notice about  myself. I enjoy wearing jeans, denim shirts and boots– just like any other person who owns a blog. Things I do, include but are not limited to:

Drawing and sketching

short stories and reading

the great outdoors

self made accessories

Riding a bike…

You get the jist of things. There isn’t much to know about me further than the fact I enjoy taking on new hobbies. I’m also a Junior at the University of St. Thomas in the Twin Cities. I’m double majoring in Environmental science and Geology along side a minor chemistry. Cool, I know. I read frequently and prefer activities that don’t involve heaps of money– maybe I will, eventually, share some of my camping adventures to fellow readers.

I got into photography the same year I moved to the U.S. from sunny England. Upon arriving at the gates my uncle gifted me his old 35mm Canon Rebel. It was shite, but it was mine, and I fell in love. Since then I have operated my own studio as well as direct A/V Club throughout high school. Hoorah for extra-curricular activities! I currently shoot strictly film but anticipate repurchasing a digital camera in the near future.

As for cycling, it has always been a large part of my life. While I lived in England, bicycle riding was a great and feasible mode of transportation. Living in the US, being a commuting cyclist has introduced me to a whole sub culture full of colourful bikes and even more colourful riders. My current ride is a black beauty with slim tires and tan bullhorns with an array of nonsensical goblins and ghouls for stickers. As for a name she’s called Antimony (Anti for short). The reason behind the name is Antimony is the main element that makes stibnite, an interesting metallic mineral sometimes called Antimonite. I also love rocks.

Rocks have to be the coolest thing ever. I love rocks. My mum loves rocks as well– more so than myself I should add, she’s loves them to a spiritual level. I am currently doing research in geochemistry and am working on paleolimnology methodology. I won’t put you to sleep with that side of things.

I hope you enjoy my blog. It’s a blog that used to be strictly haikus. Now its just a run of the mill life blog. Ah well.


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