Cycling and the Outdoors

Riding around and Admiring Nature                        1509131_10201552505346723_1843965555_n

Like I mention in my bio, cycling has always been a large part of my life. I still have vivid memories of getting my first big boy bike and thinking I was invincible; wearing my cape, roaming the unknown, feeling the wind…

It’s not always fun and games, mind you. We all remember grazing our knees and losing teeth. But maybe that’s why us bikers love to ride. It takes a certain type of person to bike everywhere. Maybe not a leather bound clad of ex cons but close enough– especially in those tight spandex shorts.

So what’s in the shop? I currently sold all my bikes but one. A beautiful steed worthy of picking fights against dirty mountain bikes and cruising the promenade with the Bianchis. I bought my bike at a shop called Alley Cat and highly advise everyone to give them a look.


I used to fix up vintage bikes but realised we live in the future and can ride bikes that cut the wind and never break down.


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