Geology Rocks.


I am a double major in Environmental Science and Geology with a minor in Chemistry. My original plan wasto major in biochemistry and pursue a career in health– so unique, I know! There’s a neat story behind why I chose to switch:

I was home from school for Thanksgiving and my mum has an obsession with saving everything in totes. Naturally I wanted to browse through my own totes onelast time before leaving for school. As I dig through old extra-curricular shirts and framed pictures I find a brown wooden box at the bottom of the tote. I push everything aside and sit the box on the floor. Like a scene out of the Goonies I crack open the lid to find all sorts of sparkling treasures from around the world; I found my rock collection! I had basalt and quartz and pyrite and sandstone and geodes and fossils and all the cool stones a ten-year old boy could find fascinating. I remember having to leave so many things behind to fit these rocks on the plane from England. These meant something to me then, and they ought to mean something to me now.

My mum has always taught me that God’s full name is Mother Nature. It’s almost a spiritual thing to look at rocks. They’ve been around so long, seen so much!

I digress. I’m probably crazy and in my later years people will call me the crazy old rock guy, and it will be an accomplishment.

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